Gallup Youth Soccer League

Ref Assignments Week 9
This is the last week of games! Please submit your ref reports to me no later than 11/1/18. That is when your checks will be cut.

Remember to email your requests to
10/19/2018 FRIDAY NIGHT
Game # Time Division Team Name Team Name Location # of Referees
1 6:00pm U6 Window Rock Gallup Auto Repair Stafie Caleb Christian XXXXXXX
2 6:00pm U12 Boys Window Rock Zuni Sports Complex 2 Jaxson Malachi Hallie
3 7:30pm U6 Taco Bell Fire Switch Happy Customs Stafie Caleb Mariana XXXXXXX
4 7:30pm U12 Boys Bonaguidi Construction Family Medicine Sports Complex 2 Talan Isaac Meg
5 7:30pm U12 Boys Desert Indian Traders Apex Physical Therapy Sports Complex 1 Hallie
6 8:00am U6 Gallup Lumber and Supply Tony Gonzales CPA Stafie Caleb Malachi XXXXXXX
7 8:00am U10 Boys Zuni DePauli Engineering Sports Complex 2 Clayton Meg Jocelyn
8 8:00am U10 Girls MSI Plumbing Gallup Journey Girls Softball Mariana Talan
9 8:00am U15 Zuni All American Sports Complex 1 Isaac
10 9:30am U6 Adobe Storage Family Medicine Stafie Caleb Malachi XXXXXXX
11 9:30am U10 Boys Mr. Teez Ed Corley's Sports Complex 2 Clayton Talan Meg
12 9:30am U10 Girls Desert Indian Traders TM Storage Girls Softball Mariana Hallie Jaxson
13 9:30am U15 Perry Null Trading City Electric Shoe Shop Sports Complex 1 Erik Isaac
14 11:00am U6 Sacred Heart School Sundance Dental Stafie Hallie Jaxson XXXXXXX
15 11:00am U10 Boys Window Rock Michelle's Ready Mix Sports Complex 2 Clayton Meg Malachi
16 11:00am U15 Window Rock Family Medicine Sports Complex 1 Erik Isaac
17 1:00pm U10 Boys Zuni Mr. Teez Girls Softball field Jocelyn Malachi
18 1:00pm U15 Zuni Perry Null Trading Sports Complex 1 XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX
19 2:30pm U10 Boys Ed Corleys Michelle's Ready Mix Girls Softball field Malachi
20 2:30pm U15 All American Zimmermans Sports Complex 1
21 4:00pm U10 Boys DePauli Engineering Red Rock Security Girls Softball field Jocelyn Malachi
22 4:00pm U15 City Electric Shoe Shop Family Medicine Sports Complex 1 Clayton Jaxson

Link for the New Mexico Soccer Referee Association page to find out about how to become a referee and for clinic dates and much more!

NMSRA website

Please check back for information updates. Thank - You!